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Leadership Development Services



 Action research is a practical methodology for change that keeps the client organization AND the practitioner (that's us!) learning throughout the change process.    

Why is this important?  Because the day of the 'consultant knowing best' is over!   For far too long organizations have been hiring experts to advise them on how to get something done, only to leave the organization short of sustainable, long-term solutions.  

We believe the client organization and its people, that is 'the people in the process' know best, and through action research, the client and their customers are the most critical participant in the data collection, analysis, feedback, planning, implementation and sustainabiltiy process of their own change. GumballEnterprises helps facilitate them through this process.   



No one has time for another 'flavor of the month'. Facilitation is the art of orchestrating the group conversations and experiences necessary for leaders to achieve their aspirations.

Off-sites, workshops, retreats, and training programs are custom designed and deployed to address real business needs. Facilitated engagements are highly experiential and deliberately targeted to specific business scenarios.

Our facilitators are masters at conducting the difficult conversations; all have worked with Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally, and hold Master degrees or higher in the field of leadership.



Though we can't claim to be IDEO or DARPA, we do approach our work in the same way. First we find the greatest projects on the planet. Then we find the greatest people perfectly suited for the task.  Our teammates don't need to be motivated by us, they come to us motivated by the purpose of the work. And when the work is done we walk away proud and fired up for the next task.

In addition to our teammates being subject matter experts, diversity of thought, gender and ethnicity is key. We assure our projects are intentionally balanced with a global and social mindset. Why? Because there is enough research proving it's the smart thing to do if you want a competitive advantage.