Case Studies

4B Bio Tech Company:

A fast growing 3-year-old bio teach company was doubling in size every year and needed to turbo charge their leadership team and manager population.  Gumball custom designed both executive and management programs that targeted specific developmental needs over the course of six months.  As a result, a unique decision-making tool was built and implemented, which effectively improved analytical processes, information sharing, and final decision making on critical initiatives and go-to-market products. Coaching and communication skill building contributed to organizational alignment and an increase in individual leadership capabilities.

3.5B Game Company:

A 450M game company was acquired by one of the largest game companies in the world. Within two years the organization was faced with 3 leadership transitions, 2 organization restructures, advancing their bench strength, upskilling their talent, realigning the culture and redefining their mission. GumballEnterprises was brought on board to strategically consult, coach, and facilitate the Executives through all of these transitions over the course of 3 years.  The organization is currently exceeding financial targets and has been identified by headquarters as a leading studio in their portfolio, specifically in innovation and leadership. Coaching and facilitation continue.

74B Global Technology Company:

An Information Technology business within the company was growing at a rate of 70% a year.  They faced challenges scaling their employees into managers and onboarding new managers into the organization. Using Action Research, Gumball partnered with the organization to survey 1200 employees regarding manager skill levels in the fundamentals, conducted Executive interviews, and facilitated international future search workshops.  As a result of the data collection, a comprehensive design for upskilling 350 managers was created.  The company developed, deployed and sustained the program.  

50B Global Technology Company:

An internal leadership team of 20 people were charged with developing a unified and interdependent team with a given external vendor.  The vendor relationship was originally characterized as hierarchical and inequitable. The leadership response after the initial 2-day team building retreat was summed up in various leader comments by the executive leaders.  The Executive Vice President said, “Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make the offsite a success.  Everyone on my team said this was one of the best off-sites they’ve attended, which is saying a lot. Was also great for me, as I learned a lot about myself and what I need to adjust (and keep doing) to be successful as a leader of this team.  I think it helped [my peer leader] and I get to another level. Looking forward to continuing our engagement with you.”

2B Global Telecommunications Company:

1500 information technology employees took an employee satisfaction survey regarding career development that resulted in an average score of 75%.  GumballEnterprises was hired to consult and build a new career development program.  GumballEnterprises implemented and managed training and facilitation services, which included coaching. There was a 10% increase in employee satisfaction within one year. 

6M USA Accounting Firm:

Executive Consultation and Coaching services were provided to five original owners retiring within a span of 4 years.  The design and implementation of a five-year retirement and succession strategy was created.  As a result, the client retention through transitions is at 96% over the first two years.

50M USA Family Owned Business:

3 years of design, development and delivery of off-sites and facilitation services. Participant satisfaction survey score results were as follows: N= 24, Question: “Was this retreat a success for you?” Score was a 4.8 out of 5. Qualitative comments: “Excellent breakthroughs; meaningful dialogue on the most important issues.” “Deeper trust and bonding than we’ve ever had - difficult but rich - an appropriate response to what hard things we are all feeling - a positive experience.”  Question: “Did you find Ann Dorgan helpful?” was a 4.7 out of 5. Qualitative comments: “Ann was extremely skillful, one of (if not the) most skillful facilitators I’ve encountered.” “Yes. I found her more helpful than any of the facilitators that we’ve had so far - I think her personality works well with our family dynamic.” “Yes! I thought she was a wonderful group leader and helped keep the conversation flowing and on track. She was smart and had a lot of knowledge about what was appropriate for our needs.”