Dorgan, Inc.

Ann Dorgan is the founder and CEO of Dorgan, Inc. and GumballEnterprises. For twenty years Dorgan, Inc. has provided consulting, coaching, and facilitation services to leaders in corporate, government and non-profit organizations around the world.  

As Dorgan, inc. grew the vision for the company grew with it. GumballEnterprises is a result of that vision. 

Dorgan, Inc. 

Leadership in Entertainment

Leadership in Entertainment is solely dedicated to building capacity for the creative minds in entertainment companies and companies associated with the entertainment industry.

Children innately know that play and fun is an integral part of life. As adults we often forget this fact and see entertainment or "having fun" as something extra when time allows.  

We believe levity and creativity is fundamental to being a healthy leader and a healthy organization. 

Our designers, coaches and facilitators are not only subject matter experts in the field of leadership development, they are also subject matter experts in the field of entertainment.

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The Pink Genius

The Pink Genius is devoted to the leadership development and advancement of women and girls.

It’s our belief that the competitive advantage for companies today is to have women leading alongside and in front of their male cohorts. But don't believe us, believe the research!

Research reveals trends correlating higher profit for organizations that have women in their executive suites.

The Pink Genius is at the forefront of these cutting edge statistics. The Pink Genius develops the women leaders who will be leading the acceleration of our world’s economy, the government’s politic, non-profit causes, and community movements.

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