Leadership Development Services

GumballEnterprises is a leadership development design and delivery company bringing hip products and services to three major markets; entertainment, women and technology. We place expert coaches, facilitators and designers into organizations for short and long-term engagements. All of our experiential learning programs and leadership development products are customized for YOU.


Ann Dorgan is the founder and CEO of GumballEnterprises. For twenty years Ann (her friends call her Annie) has provided consulting, coaching, and facilitation services to leaders in corporate, government and non-profit organizations around the world.  

GumballEnterprises was birthed when Ann's husband Rob decided to join her company..  Together they had a vision to build a different kind of leadership development business that converged their strengths,  that gave them the freedom to call their own shots, and provided them a way to help people improve their lives.

There values for Gumball are very clear: Freedom, Learning, and Love.

Freedom: No one works for GumballEnterprises, they work WITH Gumball, and everyone works together to ultimately contribute to the freedom of others.

Learning: If you're not learning you're not growing and if you're not growing you're dying.

Love: People are motivated by only two things, love or fear, so we intentionally choose to be motivated by love. 


 Leadership in Entertainment

Entertainment is fun and we make the serious business of leadership in entertainment equally as fun. 

By tapping the deep recesses of a creative mind we build the  capacity for wild imagination, and a wild imagination at work creates desirable beauty and desirable beauty sells to the audience and the audience is what it's all about in the entertainment industry. 

Leading a consistently creative, or in business terms, innovative, organization is unique. With the ever changing market very few organizations know how to do it. Our interdisciplinary expertise within the arts and sciences in both leadership and entertainment qualify us to help you master such a feat.

Our designers, coaches and facilitators are not only subject matter experts in the field of leadership development, they are also subject matter experts in the field of entertainment.

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The Pink Genius

The Pink Genius is devoted to the leadership development and advancement of women and girls.

It’s our belief that the competitive advantage for companies today is to have women leading alongside and in front of their male cohorts. But don't believe us, believe the research!

Research reveals trends correlating higher profit for organizations that have women in their executive suites.

The Pink Genius creatively develops women, young ladies and girls to step courageously into the role of leader while developing men who seek elevating women into leadership positions within their organizations.  

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