Freedom is Gumball's number one value, and values drive behavior.  So everything we do centers around putting a desire for freedom into action.  Gumball works every day to liberate leaders by being their strategic think partners, coaches, facilitators and trainers, we liberate slaves by donating money and time to organizations committed to ending human trafficking, and we liberate ourselves by committing to walking our talk and remembering we too are leaders, needing constantly to learn and grow in service to others.   


The world needs great leaders. Freeing leaders from barriers that hold them back from reaching their potential is our numero uno goal.  We are strategic partners helping each leader set and execute personal, team, business and community aspirations.  When fully committed to the development process, leaders and their organizations are transmogrified.  They find they are equipped to unleash the potential of their entire organization. A leader's liberation is our reward.  


Our number one value at Gumball is FREEDOM.  Through our commitment to life-long learning we strive to liberate our selves from behaviors that no longer serve us.  We strive to eat our own dog-food, walk our talk, and be the example of the work; to ourselves, to our colleagues, and to our clients.   Though not perfect, we are devoted to practicing what we preach by being coached and facilitated as well as coach and facilitate.   We are constantly researching, attending classes, seeking certifications and degrees, and soliciting feedback from our customers, clients and peers.  

We're growing, not dying, acting out of love, not fear, all for the sake of liberating ourselves from our own limitations. We want to be the best we can be; this is the promise to ourselves and to our clients. 



None of this really matters if we don't attempt to change the world in a colossal way.  Twenty-two million people are slaves across the globe. Twelve million are sex slaves and the majority of them are between 6 to 18 years old, with most of them being female. These are only the documented numbers.

We are a country that prides itself on being a free nation yet slaves live among us daily. GumballEnterprises, Inc. gives 5% of all earnings after expenses to those leaders and organizations devoted to the liberation of slaves and we hope you will give too. For more information, and to make donations, visit Polaris.