Global Citizenship


At Gumball our core value is freedom.  We free leaders from barriers that prevent them from excelling at their jobs, we free ourselves through life-long learning so to be the best practitioners we can be for our clients.  We also acknowledge we are global citizens and believe our efforts would be in vain if we didn’t attempt to change the world in a bigger way. Inasmuch, we have the greatest concern for those who have been stripped of their freedom: slaves.

According to research provided by our partners, Polaris Project, [link:]: 20.9 million people are victims of human trafficking and slavery across the globe. Among them, twelve million human beings live as sex slaves, the majority are female between 6 to 18 years old. These are only the documented numbers. Due to the clandestine nature of the global slave trade the actual number may be higher. The United States prides itself on leading the world as a free nation yet, surprisingly, slaves live among us daily.

Gumball Enterprises dedicates 5% of all earnings after expenses to leaders and organizations devoted to the liberation of slaves and we hope you will give too. The Polaris Project leads the fight to end modern-day slavery. Currently, Polaris has identified and responded to 25,000 cases of human trafficking, and as of 2015, approximately 80,000 service providers, law enforcement, corporate leaders, and more have received to combat slavery from Polaris. For more information, and to make donations, visit Polaris [link:].

Please watch this Tedx Talk with CEO BradleyMyles to learn more and donate: