Leadership Development for the Elevation
and Advancement of Women and Girls


It’s our belief that the competitive advantage for all companies today is women at the top alongside and in front of their male cohorts. 

But don't only take our word on it, trust the research! 

Research is correlating higher profit for organizations that have women in their executive suites.

The Pink Genius is at the forefront of these cutting edge statistics by way of developing  the women, girls leaders who will be leading the acceleration of our world’s economy, the government’s politic, non-profit causes, and community movements.

After years of coaching and facilitating men at the top, it became evident that men are well aware of the fact that their leadership teams need more women at the executive levels but what they don't know how to do is attract, lead and inspire women leaders.



The PinkGenius Universe is our on-line store where inspiration, knowledge, and instruction is translated into fun things to buy and tangible knowledge to absorb.

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The Pink Universe


A number of studies conducted with thousands of people from over a dozen countries indicate a person’s warmth and competence are the two primary ways we determine whether, and how, we intend to interact with them.

As humans we tend to assist those we perceive as warm and resist those we judge cold. We want to 'associate' with people we consider 'competent' and ignore those we find incompetent. HBR, 2009, Amy JC Cuddy.

Leaders need to align others so others will ‘assist’ in the execution of the leader’s vision. Simultaneously leaders need to ‘associate’ with the leader they believe is competent.

The Pink Genius brand is a brand that represents a combination of warmth and competence that instinctually blends the two in a way that allows them to co-exist; Pink = Warm, Genius = Competent and thus inherently in our brand The Pink Genius invites others to interact, assist, and associate with us and with one another.

Cuddy also points to people’s unconscious misconception that if a person is very warm then they couldn’t possibly be competent and if they’re competent chances are they lack warmth. The Pink Genius brand breaks this stereotype by emphasizing both warm and competence as possible and necessary for ultimate potential.