Where the serious business of leadership development is made fun...


We call ourselves Gumballers; we’re a simple lot of folks with big expectations.  We want our company to simultaneously do good, have fun, AND prosper.                  We’re tenacious about building a globally diverse and healthy organization that delivers results. 

We promise you the:

  • Best Leadership Development Experiences: customized, serious play that leads to innovation, experiential, leading-edge coaching services

  • Best Leadership Development Products: easy to access, on-demand, original and fun

  • Sustainable Change: behavioral change that sticks

  • Real Business Impact: outcomes that result in a 5x to 7x return on your investment

Our Values:

Bottom line...... values drive behavior........that's why clear values in every organization is critical to cultural success, which in turn impacts financial returns. So if Gumball wants to help leaders succeed, we Gumballers better walk our talk.  Though not perfect, we work hard to live into our values every day.  When we put our values into action, we create our standards upon which we operate. Here are ours: 


  • Love wins: Be motivated by love, not fear in all actions
  • Respect: Consider everyone your equal; seek out diversity and leverage it as a strength
  • Evangelize:  Love something about Gumball? Tell the world. If there’s something you don’t like, ask why not and become the solution
  • Gratitude: Be grateful each day for all we have and are able to build
  • Compassion: Actively listen, seek to understand, and practice empathy


  • Be joyful: Bring levity to all things throughout your day
  • Walk the talk: Serious play makes good invention, practice it daily
  • Optimism: Be hopeful and confident that everything will work out for the best
  • Creativity: Use your imagination to originate ideas that turn into your best work


  • Liberation: Free our customers from all barriers that prevent them and their organizations from thriving
  • Remove barriers within yourself so to reach your fullest potential
  • The Cobbler’s children have shoes: Treat each other as well as any customer
  • Eradicate modern day slavery 


  • Organizational Growth:
    • Emulate the best: Learn from the best, seek their council
    • Pivot: The only constant is change, so embrace it, learn from it, it’s a part of your job
    • Innovate: Build prototypes, experiment, fail fast; adopt 'design thinking'
  • Personal Growth
    • Be a seeker: If we’re not growing we’re dying; seek to develop, develop others
    • Be a seer: Calculate risk with pre and post-mortems; anticipate


  • Be Credible: Know your stuff, show your stuff
  • Be Fair: Equity for all; equal does not mean ‘the same’  
  • Respect others: Be humble, honor the contributions of others, leverage diversity


  • Family: Be the musketeers -  all for one, one for all
  • Loyalty: Earn it honestly, give it discerningly
  • Community: Engage with the community through acts of service


  • Simplicity: Keep it simple
  • Flow downstream: Choose the path of least resistance
  • Talk to trees: Reflect, listen deeply, trust intuition, be mindful
  • Only keep what’s valuable: Retain value and eliminate waste
  • Do what it takes: Ethically focus on results and customers
  • Discern & Commit: be patient enough to let it ripen, then pick the fruit and don't look back